I have traveled extensively within West Africa 

I am originally from West Africa. I know West Africa and I am passionate about West Africa. 

15 years plus experience 

Berakha Tours & Travel is a combination of 15 years plus experience in the travel industry, my love for West Africa and my dream to bring West Africa to the UK tourists. I know and understand the culture, the people of Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo.  
I also know and understand the needs of the UK tourists. The itineraries and the services I offer are based on both knowledge. The cities, villages and attractions are carefully selected, not only for our clients but also with the aim to empower the local communities but to preserves and protect them. We are looking forward to showing you our beloved, colourful and beautiful West Africa! When you book your tour with us, we take the stress of the visa process from you by doing all the leg works for you. We submit your visa application on your behalf and post your passport back to you once the visa has been granted. 
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