Tailor-made Tours in Côte d’Ivoire 

There are several short stay tours that can be selected and add together to made a whole tours. They can also be added before and after a tour in Côte d'Ivoire or one of our destination countries. 
While in Côte d'Ivoire go on an ecotourism adventure, a safari or a festival for 1 or 3 nights in the following places 

N'zi Reserve Safari Tour 

Tour Highlights 
During 3 days, you will take part in the following activities: 
Search for the White Rhinoceros, the Phacochère... on Game drive. 
Follow the trail of the Forest Buffalo, 
Enjoy a hiking trip on Mount SIKA OKA  
Discover & learn about medicinal plants  
Enjoy a Night safari  
Embark on a canoe ride on the N'zi River  
Fishing on the N'zi (Optional excursion) 
Cycling tour (Optional excursion) - Equestrian Safari (Optional excursion) 
3 Days & 2 Nights 
Prices on Request 

The Chimpanzees Trail Tour 

The 3 days activities are: 
Observe the chimpanzees, an activity that is led by the park's highly experienced eco-guides 
Climb Mount Niénokoué that is located between the Hana and Meno rivers. From the top of its 396 meters it offers a stunning view of the majestic primary forest of the Taï National Park. 
Take a discovery walk in the forest and take a boat ride on the Hana River. You can observe several species of birds endemic to the region, it is also the best way to hope to meet the pygmy hippopotamus. 
3 Days / 2 Nights Tour 
Prices on Request 

Domaine Bini Stay 

Le Domaine Bini is located 51km from Abidjan. 
Immerse yourself in the forest while embarking on an educational walk through the various plantations and discover the cocoa crops, coffee, rubber etc ... 
Meal menu is typical Ivorian cuisine. 
Relaxation: hammock, zip-line and the highlight of the trip is the clay bath. Spend time in natural clay pools. 
The evening program is an authentic African night program with traditional songs and tales and legends. 
2 Days & 1 Night 
Prices on Request 

The Abissa Festival 

One of the most popular festival in Côte d'Ivoire celebrated by the Nzima people in Grand-Bassam. For a week, the event gathers all the N'zima sons and daughters around their Chief and the talking drum called "Edo-N Gbole" to make an annual assessment of their community in the France district classified World Heritage of UNESCO. During this event, social barriers are lifted and "everything is allowed". The Abissa festival is always held toward the end of October or beginning of November. 
The climax of the festival is when the king of the N'zima, AWOULAE Amon Desiré Tanoe comes out carried by his helpers. Before him, there is a procession of the feticheuses clearing the passage for their king. 
During the festival, Bassam is the place to be, where all celebrations take place: traditional dances, concerts, beach parties... 
2 Days & 1 Night Tour 
Price on request 

Popo Carnival  

It has been established as a leisure time for the hard-working people of Bonoua. It's a variation of the yam festival. Popo means "mask" in abouré language. 
Football matches, street theatre and dances take place. It includes an election of the most beautiful man and the most beautiful woman, a commercial week and, of course, a great parade of tanks and masked men across the city. It is always celebrated in April.  
The carnival is famous because of the parade of transvestites and the dance party where the "king popo" is elected. 
3 Days & 2 Nights 
Price on request 
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