Short Stays Tours in Benin 

There are several short stay tours that can be selected and add together to made a whole tours. They can also be added before and after a tour in Benin or one of our destination countries. 
While in Benin, go on an ecotourism adventure, a day tour or a festival for 1 or 3 nights in the following places 

Grand Popo Escapade 

Tour highlights 
Travel to Avlo (Grand Popo), a village located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mono River. The 2 days trip will consist of: 
A cultural and historical walking tour of the village: see the locals in their day to day activities  
A motorised boat trip to the Mouth of the Roy Reserve, the place where the river flows into the ocean.  
A visit to the Bird island to watch them 
Witness a unique moment when sea turtles are released in the sea 
Visit the mangrove and the salt island along the lagoon. 
2 Days & 1 Nights 
Prices on request 

Lake Ahémé Adventure 

With numerous temples and two sacred forests located west of the lake (at Kpétou and Sehomi), Lake Ahémé is an important site for the Vodoun traditions. Beautiful little beaches under the coconut trees offer the lake an enchanting and peaceful setting.  
The 3 days activities are: 
Canoe ride on the lake  
Pleasant swimming opportunities.  
Traditional fishing trip  
Discover aromatic and medicinal plants in the sacred forest 
Visit Possotomé and other villages for local crafts  
Monkey and birds watching in the sacred forest of Kpétou. 
3 Days / 2 Nights Tour 
Prices on request 

Tata Somba Huts 

Tata Somba Fortress 
Located in the northwest of Benin the huts are famous because of their architecture. Tata means fortress and Somba is the tribal name of the people living in the Atacora region. So literally, Tata Sombas means the Fortress of the Somba. 
The Somba haven’t changed their way of living. They are still very much attached to their traditions and customs.  
Spend 2 nights discovering this mysterious tribe and their traditional way of living. UNESCO World Heritage 
Spend time with a Somba family and learn a bit more about their tradition and beliefs. 
Take a tour of the compounds, their farms and their chief. 
1 Day & 2 Nights 
Prices on Request 

The Gaani Festival 

The magnificence of the batombou riders is confirmed at every Gaani festival. Gaani means joy 
Each year in November or December, the Batombou people celebrate in a great festive fraternity the origins as well as the vicissitudes crossed by their ancestors. 
In Nikki, a city in northern Benin, land of the Batombou, legend has it that taking part in the Gaani is a source of economic prosperity, peace, love and joy. 
The most exciting part of the event is the performance by the horses and their riders. This is where the riders can show their expertise in training and taming their horses to make certain moves as well as how their horse racing skills. The Gaani is also an opportunity to see the age-old culture of this people in horse training.  
This is the perfect trip for horse lovers who have the opportunity to see beautifully dressed horses showing their strength and abilities!! 
3 Days & 2 Nights Tour 
Price on request 

Nonvitcha Festival  

One of the most popular festivals in Benin, celebrated in Grand Popo over the weekend during the month of May. During the festival, the people of Xwla and Xweda meet to maintain and strengthen the bonds of fraternity and solidarity that originally united them. It is three days of intense events: 
Cultural: traditional dances and performances 
Sporting: football, handball matches etc 
Concerts, beauty pageants , fashion shows 
The festival brings together the locals and the diaspora. It is a perfect opportunity to visit the beautiful resort city of Grand Popo 
3 Days & 2 Nights 
Price on request 
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