N'zi Reserve Safari Tour  Tour Highlights  During 3 days, you will take part in the following activities: Search for the White Rhinoceros, the Phacochère... on Game drive. Follow the trail of the Forest Buffalo, Enjoy a hiking trip on Mount SIKA OKA Discover & learn about medicinal plants Enjoy a Night safari Embark on a canoe ride on the N'zi River Fishing on the N'zi (Optional excursion) Cycling tour (Optional excursion) - Equestrian Safari (Optional excursion) 

3 Days & 2 Nights Prices from £199 per person 

The N'Zi Voluntary Nature Reserve is a Wildlife and Flora Reserve located 45 km north-east of Bouaké. It has an area of about 41,000 ha, composed of a private domain as well as the classified forests of MAFA, BESSE BOKA, LAKA and FETEKRO.  Created in 2001, the many conservation efforts have enabled the rehabilitation of local fauna and flora through a safety system that has enabled the regeneration of biodiversity.  The fauna found there is typical of the Sudano-Guinean savannah fauna such as the Forest Buffalo, Warthog, Buffalo Cob, Cob Crescent (defassa), Harnache Gibe, Red-sided Cephalophe and other antelopes...  It is also nocturnal and diurnal primates, callitriche, patas and different species of galago. The birdlife is also interesting for bird lovers.  There is the last white rhino in Côte d'Ivoire. The N'Zi reserve is a community commitment with job creation in the surrounding villages, as well as social assistance, particularly in the creation of a health centre and support for educational development through the creation of housing for teachers. 

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