Group Tours & Short Stays in Togo 

Through our tours, you will have cultural experiences that can only be found in Togo because of the diversity of its population. You will meet one of the most popular tribal groups, the Tamberma. The Tamberma are in the north of the country and are known for their traditional mud tower-houses which remain their preferred style of living. 
The beaches, the natural attractions, the historical traditions and curious traditions and the friendliness of its people await you in Togo!  
The highlights in Togo are: 
Visit traditional weavers on the way in Bafilo 
Ecotourism hiking in Kouma Konda village (waterfall) 
The blacksmiths in Tcharé village 
Batamariba tribe in Tamberma village to see their unique houses 
Togoville village for the Agbodrafo clandestine 
Lomé City Tour including the fetish market, the independence place, the national museum and the city centre 

Lands of the Ancestors 

Lomé – Togoville – Kara – Accra – Atimpoku – Kumasi – Cape Coast 
Discover the cultural and colourful side of West Africa during 11 days by getting acquainted with the Batammariba people in Togo and by visiting the Ashangti kingdom in Ghana, a great opportunity to learn how the Kente cloth is made. 
11 Days Tour 
11 Days Tour 
Prices from £2,390 

Tribal Lands 

Lomé – Potossomé – Ouidah – Ganvié – Tamberma Valley – Kpalimé – Togoville 
Discover the tribes of Benin and Togo. These two countries are set in their traditions and cultures. Visit their sacred places and discover their past of slavery during the tour. 
10 Days Tour 
10 Days Tour 
Prices from £2,190 

Tailor-made & Day Tours 

Give yourself more time in Togo to explore the markets for priceless souvenirs or to lose yourself in one of the forest in the north of Togo or simply relax at the beach. Home stays can also be arranged. 
Festivals can be booked as an add-on before or after a group tour or as part of a tailor-made tour. 

Lomé City & The Slave Road Tour 

Day or 1 to 2 Nights Trip 
Visit of the main attractions in Lomé city: The National Museum, the place of independence, the Assigame Market, the art village, the fetish market and drive around the city. The slave tour will take you to Agbodrafo and Togoville, two villages who played a great part in the history of Togo during the slave trade. You will enjoy the boat ride between Agbodrafo and Togoville, will experience the warm welcome of people and spend a wonderful time at the beach side. 
2 Days & 1 Night  
Prices on request 

Trip to the Tamberma Compound 

2 Days & 1 Night Trip 
Visit the village of Koutamakou where the tamberma people live in their unique houses, called Tata Somba. Look for the fetish statues out front, they're meant to keep evil spirits away and learn about the baobab house, aged more than 500 years. You will also have the opportunity to enter one of the Tata Sombas. 
2 Days & 1 Night Tour 
Prices on request 

Agbogbo-Za Festival: Historic Festival  

More than a ritual feast, Agbogbo-Za is the biggest traditional celebration of the Ewe people. It marks the commemoration of the exodus of the Ewe people in the 17th century. The ceremonies begin on the first Thursday of September with rituals and libations to the gods and on the following Saturday the festivals reaches it highest point. The people of Ewe showes their gratitude to their with dances and songs. The festival takes place in Notsé situated 95 Km north of the capital Lomé. 
4 Days & 3 Nights  
Price on request 
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